Here's our story

Hello there, we’re Sam and Cale, the founders of Bare.

We’re not your traditional funeral director - we’re so much more than that. Our mission has always been to change the way we deal with death, from how we farewell our loved ones, manage their estate and work through our grief.

Bare was born out of personal experiences of losing loved ones.  

Before Bare, we’d both attended and planned funerals and noticed they followed a similar pattern. The planning process was often overwhelming, filled with stress, and rushed through at a fast pace to get to the funeral. Meanwhile the funeral options were almost always the same, and offered no real consideration of what was unique about our families and loved ones.

That’s why we decided to offer services that were flexible, affordable, simple and personalised. Some families will want a Bare Funeral, whether that’s with all the bells and whistles, a traditional service or something more akin to a memorial service.

Other families will opt for a Bare Cremation, our fixed-fee, cremation-only service. Family and friends may decide to gather for an intimate celebration, hold an ashes scattering ceremony or do nothing at all.

In all cases, our role is the same; to provide incredible customer service and personalised services, at an affordable, and transparent price, to make the hardest part of life that little bit easier. 

At Bare, we are honoured that every single week, hundreds of families let us into their lives, sharing stories of their loved one, and entrusting us with their goodbye. With so many customers sharing disappointing funeral experiences prior to Bare, we don’t take the trust for granted.

We listen to every family’s story, and then support them in a way that’s right for them, from the goodbye to following up in the weeks and months after the death. Every family says farewell differently, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it.  

So that’s it, that’s Bare. We’re here and ready when you need us.

Sam & Cale, Founders.

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